Church Planting

Church Planting Residency

Our residency program is designed to prepare faithful and able men for the work of planting and re-planting churches. We believe this calling requires more than just giftedness, it requires equipping. Find more information by clicking here. 

Church planters that come from our residency program are part of the Confessional Collective, a group of church planters that hold to the historic reformed confessions. Find more information about the Collective here.

Here are some helpful resources for more information about church planting.

The video below is an update of how we have been able to participate in church planting over the last several years.

Our Church Plants

We are actively involved in planting churches. We have helped several local church plants in various capacities  such as providing internship and residency programs aimed at planting as well as financial and physical support. The churches below have been or will be planted around Michigan with the help of First Pres. Check out their websites to get to know them.

Churches we support

We believe that church planting is an essential way that the gospel is taken to our communities. As members of Acts 29, we financially support several church plants. Click on the links below to visit their websites or watch the videos to hear their stories.