Our History

First Presbyterian Church has been making much of Jesus since 1903. We were founded on July 2, 1903 with 39 charter members. The first building was completed in 1904 with two subsequent expansions at a location on Cherry St. in Trenton (pictured above). In 1959, the current West Road sanctuary (pictured below) was erected with a Christian Education building added in 1968, with subsequent renovations following.

Twenty men have served as senior Pastor over the years, each making a distinctive contribution to the direction of the church. In every case, the Word of God has been preached and the gospel of Jesus Christ has been set forth.

In 1980, our church withdrew from what is now the PCUSA to become a member of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. The EPC is a growing group of like-minded churches committed to biblical reformed theology.

Certain core values and commitments have characterized our church over the years including a faithfulness to the word of God, a strong missionary emphasis, a love for youth, and a spirit of unity within diversity. As we move well past our 100th year we trust God will continue to shower His blessings as we make, mature and multiply disciples in His name. We are striving to be a place where truth and passion meet.

2799 West Road