Our church is an elder-led congregation. We follow the biblical example of plurality of elders as seen in Exodus 18:13-23 and Acts 20:17. Two words often used to describe elders in scripture are shepherds and overseers. The criteria for elders is described in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9. Our elder board is comprised of teaching elders and ruling elders. All of our elders are responsible for feeding, leading, protecting, and caring for the flock that God has given them oversight. Our current elders are as follows:

Current Elders

  • Aaron Carr – Lead Pastor
  • Ian Leslie – Executive Pastor
  • Jerry Bringard – Administration
  • Bill Cloutier – Missions
  • Mike Dalton – Facilities
  • Neil McKinnie – Deacons & Elder Shepherding
  • Tom Montie – Family Life
  • Dale Poblenz – Missions
  • Rick Robertson – Worship
  • Bill Sanfilippo – Administration
  • Walter Seitz – Family Life
  • Paul Silvers – Stated Clerk
  • Joe Strozeski – Missions
  • Gary Westerbeek – Church Planting

Clerk of Session: