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What does it mean to make, mature, and multiply disciples?

First off, what is a disciple?

Chances are, if you’ve never been to church, you’ve never used that word. But the word “disciple” is rich with meaning and purpose. For Christians, it’s at the very heart of the mission that Jesus himself gave us.

A disciple is one who not only follows Jesus, but bears fruit and makes other disciples. Read this article for an excellent description of a disciple.

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The last thing Jesus said before ascending into heaven was a command to go and make disciples. The gospel is the best news that any person could ever hear and we long to be bold in our proclamation of Jesus as the only savior. God is the only one who saves, but He uses us as vessels to preach the gospel.


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Salvation isn’t the end, it is the beginning. Jesus saves us to a life of obedience and transformation through the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit. We have been given the Bible as the authoritative Word of God. Through it we learn about the character of God as well as what He desires for our lives. Each program and ministry that we offer is meant to grow our faith into maturity.

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A true disciple makes more disciples. As a church we believe healthy/living things reproduce, therefore we not only support global missions and church planting, but seek to multiply disciples in our own community.



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