Church Planting Residency

God’s primary instrument in the expansion and care of His Kingdom is the church. Church planting and revitalization are vital avenues for seeing this work fulfilled. Therefore, we offer residencies for perspective church planters and re-planters.

Our church planting goal is to MAKE investments, MATURE planters, and MULTIPLY churches.

We are accepting applications for our 2019-20 residency.

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Church Planting Residency

There is always a need for healthy churches to reach into various locations and situations with the hope of the gospel. Because we believe this is so important, First Pres has a residency program for those who wish to plant or re-plant a church.

This residency (typically two years long) is designed to raise up and prepare gospel planters/re-planters for Michigan. We have a 1 year and 2 year residency program to PREPARE & PROVIDE: EDUCATION, EXPERIENCE & EXPOSURE. Answering the call requires more than just giftedness, it requires equipping. Hands on learning is essential for the planter to be ready for the hard work of church planting. Residents will be involved in the life of our church while preparing for the future plant/re-plant.

The program includes:

  • Discipleship in shepherding including visitation and counseling
  • Administrative & leadership training
  • Preaching and teaching development and opportunities
  • Assistance in building and refining the planters prospects for planting or re-planting
  • Assistance in raising support for the plant/re-plant

Here are some helpful resources for more information about church planting.

Jason Aaron


Jason is in the beginning stages of planting in Monroe county, MI.

Outpost Monroe Website

Brian Evans


Church: 5point7 Community Church – Detroit, MI

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Jim Mong


Church: Redeemer Ann Arbor – Ann Arbor, MI

Redeemer A2 Website

Jeremy Roth


Church: Redeemer Community Church – Dearborn, MI

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