In Awe of God

About a month ago I spent my my first weekend ever in New York City. If you are Facebook friends with me or my wife you already know this due to the thousands (seemingly) of pictures we posted. I loved the hectic atmosphere, the millions of people all crammed together, and, of course, the food.

Of all the things we saw and did, my favorite part was looking at all of the buildings and architecture; skyscrapers, museums, bridges, and elaborate churches. I used to build houses for a living and I developed a love for architecture and a fascination with the process of how things are built. I know what kind of manpower, engineering, and planning that it takes to construct a single-family residence; this of course is multiplied exponentially when talking about some of the tallest buildings in the world. I stood and stared up One World Trade Center, amazed at its height and simple but fascinating design. Then from the top, I marveled at the scope of the city that stretched out before me, full of people from all over the world.

Yet, all of this pales in comparison to the majesty of our God. The buildings that made me feel so small are less than a speck considering the size of the earth. The city stretches out and gradually fades back into the fields, mountains, and trees that have been there since the Creator told them to be. Beyond those, the oceans; massive, powerful, and mysterious with the capability to swallow New York City and millions more like it. All of this sits under the heavens, our sky and outer space, an expanse so vast we can’t see the end or really even comprehend it. Every bit: created with a word.

[az_dropcap mode=”dropcap-normal”]God is constantly revealing Himself to us through His creation. Yet, we often come before Him too lightly.[/az_dropcap]


Everything we see, every breath we take, points to a powerful Creator. All exists for His glory. Paul tells the Romans that they are without excuse because they can see the “eternal power and divine nature” of God in creation. (Romans 1:20) God is constantly revealing Himself to us through His creation. Yet, we often come before Him too lightly. We don’t engage with our whole heart, mind, and soul (Matt. 22:37). Let us not fail to recognize Him for who He is each day and especially as we gather together to worship Him. Yes, we know that God loves us deeply and personally, there is no more wonderful truth, but that does not mean that He ceases to be awesome, glorious, and terrifying. In fact, the bigness of God makes his love and care towards us so much more beautiful. The fact that Jesus, fully God, present and active at creation, entered His own creation to redeem His people for Himself should regularly bring us to our knees in wonder.

My point, we are surrounded by things that constantly point to God. We see evidence of Him in nature, in the intelligence and creativity given to man to build impressive buildings and cities, in the intricacies of how our bodies function, pumping blood and inhaling and exhaling without conscious thought. We must take time to recognize whom those things point to, each and every day. Especially when we gather as a body of believers, let us come together in awe and reverence toward our mighty and loving God.

One day, every single one of those 8 million people in New York, along with all those who have ever lived or ever will live, will bow their knee before our great King. We get to do this now. Each time we gather together to worship, we join with all the saints before us, all of the angels, and all of creation in doing what we were made to do: glorify and enjoy God.

-David Menzel